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The world began to shut down because of coronavirus. Eli, who is usually touring as a dancer, stayed at home with me. Like many people in our field, we didn’t have work, forced to cope in different ways — yet being creative was not one of them. Until one day, the thought of being elsewhere gave birth to this film: a home video of a couple being stuck in lockdown, dreaming of being elsewhere. Did Eli dream it or were they my dreams? Perhaps we will never know.

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Cast and Credits

Director, Producer

Dalia Castel


Eli Cohen


Ori Alboher

Director's Statement

I like my starting point to be something that I find absurd — and on the surface of absurd, there is humour and irony; beneath it, knowledge and feelings that are hidden from me. My filmmaking is trying to discover and unveil the story behind the absurd.

Director's Biography

Dalia Castel is an Israeli filmmaker based in Berlin. She grew up in Jerusalem, studying film editing in Tel Aviv. Castel went on to live and work in Rome for 7 years to start her directing career. From 2002 to 2007, she worked in collaboration with the Italian filmmaker Alessandro Cassigoli. Under the name Gotandafilm, they made various documentaries, among them was Good Times (2004) which won awards in more than 15 film festivals around the world, including Full Frame (US) and Dok Festival, Leipzig. Following her move to Berlin in 2005, she independently produced and directed Jerusalem for Cowards, which was awarded Preis der Autoren of the Autorenstiftung in Frankfurt am Main 2014 and Best Feature Film in Boddinale festival 2015.


Her approach to storytelling is deeply influenced by her experience as an editor. Castel is less interested in linear narratives compared to the possible connections and analogies between different materials. She is curious to explore new ways of expression that can go beyond the rigid format of conventional documentary making.

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