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In La Union, dance artist Ea Torrado finds herself tethering to a practice of embodied listening: to the ground, the winds, and the sun. Ea roots herself to the sensory experience of how the natural environment moves her, as she negotiates being the originator of the movement and the channel through which movement happens in every prolific, present moment. As a reiki healer and practitioner of other intuitive healing modalities, and as someone deeply interested in spiritual, extraterrestrial, and multi-dimensional entities; as well as the spiritual legacies and practices of the Filipino shaman-priestess or babaylan, many questions influence her in this dance, an important one being, “When do we all get to go back home?”

Cast and Credits

Director, Performer



Ea Torrado

Chino Neri

Into Unknown by Neil Belen ft. Xharlie Black

Faith’s Hymn by Beautiful Chorus

Innerstellar by Neil Belen

Home Pt.1 by Justin Jay

Director's Statement

I once danced to serve an artform. Nowadays, it is to recreate my relationship with my body as I age and gather more life experience, expansion, and depth, while witnessing how ironic, unpredictable, chaotic or irrational life is sometimes.  


Now I dance to worship. In Tethering, the aim is to commune with those I feel may have answers, those who have seen thousands or millions of objects, structures, creatures, stories, wars, plagues, and viruses come and go. I’m privileged to be quarantined and living by the sea. I’m privileged to be able, for a short time, to move and dance and be filmed in times of social distancing, Philippine military and police power, and COVID-19 in our midst. Because I must dance and I must pray. This is dedicated to those who, like me, believe in prayer. Especially in these times when, on a soul-level, we are being challenged to deepen our relationship with “home”.

Director's Biography

Cited as one of the Philippines’ most exciting and sought-after contemporary dancer-choreographers, Ea Torrado is the founder and artistic director of Manila-based dance theatre group Daloy Dance Company. Responsible for many site-specific works and installations, films, improvisational performances, and dance theatre pieces, she has been awarded the Alvin Erasga Tolentino Koreograpiya Award (2014), the Remedios De Oteyza Award for Choreography (2016) and the Asian Cultural Council Grant (2017) for her works with Daloy Dance Company. The company has also been nominated by Aliw Awards as Best Dance Company (2017), Best Classical Dance Company (2018), and Most Outstanding Contemporary Dance Group (2019) by Philippine LEAF Awards. Ea is also a member of the World Dance Alliance Philippines and the International Consortium for Advancement in Choreography.


With Daloy Dance Company, she has presented Walang Hiya Festival, Sayaw Galaw, Ugnayan Community Program and Tanghal at Talakay, all projects that tapped diverse Filipino communities by utilizing dance as a tool for personal and social change. Ea is also the founder of Daloy Movement, a guided and durational free-form healing dance practice originated and developed in the Philippines.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala