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7 MIN 44S


What are the things that you start to see and listen to? What are the things that are present and absent? 

Through vignettes of domestic experiences, Take Pause brings forth themes of comfort and discomfort, making the familiar unfamiliar to keep the viewer in a sensory imbalance while grappling with feelings of hyper-stimulation post-lockdown.

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Cast and Credits


Ma YueRu

Executive Producers

Low Mei Yoke
Chiew Peishan


Jeremy Chua


Ma YueRu
Konrad Plak
Siti Aminah


Nelson Yeo

Sound Designer, Recordist

Jing Ng
Linh Duong

Supported by

National Arts Council
Cultural Matching Fund
SG Culture Anywhere

Director's Statement

The film is a heightened reimagination of my time being homebound during the pandemic lockdown — an experience most of us around the world are now familiar with. Having stepped out of my house after months, my senses were overloaded with stimulation yet my body quickly found regulation. I wondered if we could keep ourselves in that state of imbalance, sensitivity, and rediscovery. Could we experience the domestic space with just as much sensorial intensity? 

From the slow, insidious build-up of restlessness to the immersive relief of moments of comfort, I hope to activate the visceral awareness of the viewer and surface realizations of their own experiences that have been made significant during this time. 

Director's Biography

Ma YueRu is a dancer and choreographer based in Singapore. She began her formal dance education at the Singapore Ballet Academy and School of the Arts Singapore, and graduated summa cum laude from The Boston Conservatory in the BFA Dance Programme. 

YueRu has worked professionally in the United States and Spain in companies such as Hubbard Street Dance Chicago 2, Post:Ballet and Present-Day Dance Theater, among others. As a choreographer, YueRu is interested in explorations of somatic and socio-cultural practices, particularly around themes of empathy, memory and language, often through interdisciplinary elements and collaborations. Since June 2019, YueRu has been a company artist in Frontier Danceland.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala