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9 MIN 22S


Sa Silong is about perspective being made because of a less-privileged and impoverished life. One can either dream to have more or just accept to have less. But what if along with dreaming is also doubting?


WifiBody VirtualBody 2020


Cast and Credits

Director, Choreographer, 


Gerard Hechanova


Carl Lexter Paquiabas

Rober Luyao


In cooperation with

Gus Abarquez

National Commission for Culture and the Arts

WifiBody Virtual 2020

Japan Foundation

Director's Statement

The space “silong” plays a significant role in my choreographic process, a reminder of how I grew up as a dreamer and my sibling as a realist. Two bodies with different perspectives suggest gestures and energies that contrast and find complexities at the same time. Throughout the mentoring process of the WifiBody, I experienced hardships that led me to doubt my capabilities; this inspired me to further develop the concept — discovering a dreamer who has a battle within.

Director's Biography

Gerard Hechanova is a public school teacher who specializes in dance in the Special Program in the Arts curriculum of the Department of Education. He was trained in folk dance in his college years and began exploring contemporary dance upon graduation. He founded “Hugis”, a dance project for school-based dancers who wish to be part of a community-based dance group. He advocates for contemporary dance to be known and appreciated more in his province Butuan. As a young choreographer, he aims to learn more about choreographic processes to be able to strengthen his advocacies. He believes that determination is a key foundation to reach his dream.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

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