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4 MIN 57S


An opera singer stands on a lifted platform singing a Martyr's wish for redemption; a counterpoint between the human voice and mechanical sounds of machinery moving up and down. The music — taken from one of J.S. Bach's cantatas — is the Recitative Movement, which describes the ascension of Christ and the desire to become one with God.


Budapest Independent Film Festival



Horn Festival 2019

Jerusalem, Israel

Cast and Credits





Sound Design

Shir Handelsman

Netta Cohen

Jeffrey Francis

Amit Chachamov 

Noam Havkin

Director's Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist with a strong background in music, I always try to challenge the connections between humans and sounds, and the presence of sound in all the mediums I use. Recitative is a short experimental film; an attempt to create a one-man performance in the sky. The unconventional fantasy spectacle of the film forms a new soundtrack and strives to reflect a new interpretation of the manifestation and ascension of Christ. In this cinematic dream, the performer serves as a Martyr, and at the same time as an operator of industrial machines. Caught in between life and death, heaven and earth, he produces a unique choreography and music with his voice.

Director's Biography

Shir Handelsman lives and works in Tel Aviv, graduating with his BFA studies at the Department of Multidisciplinary Art of Shenkar College in 2018. After completing his military service as an Excelling Musician (2010), Shir began his BA studies in literature and philosophy at Tel Aviv University in which he graduated with honors (2013). Shir is a recipient of Excellence Grant from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation (2018) and an Award Winner for Best Experimental Film of Budapest Independent Film Festival, Hungary (2020). His works have been exhibited in Kunsthal Charlottenborg gallery (DK), Arsenale of Venice (IT), Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK), Jerusalem Film Festival (IL), Video Art & Experimental Film Festival (US), The Nikola Tesla Technical Museum (HR), Cello Factory Gallery (UK) and more.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala