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The enigmatic Pung Jeong. Gak (風精.刻) Recital in the Alley is a poetic portrayal of an invisible village under the desperate threat of urban renewal. She creates a movement that considers the older way of life disappearing from the city; overlapping the narratives of these places and in turn imagining the life of someone who sits there, unexposed.


The 1st Seoul Dance Film Festival 2017

Seoul, South Korea


The 18th Seoul International New Media Festival 2018

Seoul, South Korea

Cast and Credits

Director, Choreographer


Special Cast

Director of Photography

Sound Design


Courtesy of

Joowon Song

Youngsun Gong

HongSeok Jang

Sangmi Park

Naye Sohn

Seolyoung Oh

JooRyung Jeong

Jinyeop Cha

Minjae Kim

Yoonha Kim

Jungmin Son

Rang Lee

Byeongyeop Lee

Hyemi Yoo

Seyoung Yoon

Jayoon Yoon

UnSik Lee

KyeongYeop Choo

SeongChool Kim

Gallery Factory

Seoul Metropolitan Government

World Script Symposia

Director's Statement

Pung Jeong. Gak (風精.刻) Recital in the Alley is a site-specific performance inviting viewers to participate, starting from “disappearing letters, remaining language, existing place” to reflect the documentation of the body as it is transformed into language, through different windows found in the alleys. In these many alleyways extending from different corners of streets; the repetition, transformation, and expansion of the process of human interactions will render the shape of this invisible script which surrounds this city and ourselves, into some other myth. On these roads, people would listen to “what stories were told, were being told, what stories you want to tell.”

This performance considers the fragments of memories and time as engraved in urban alleyways. It is not about inner reflection or the calm actions of retrospection. Rather, it is performed whilst considering the narratives embedded in the various spots of these alleys and calls upon past signs fragmented and lost due to the scars of a lived life.

Director's Biography

Joowon Song is a professional dancer, choreographer, and dance film director based in Seoul, South Korea. She is currently a director of a community movement group of professional dancers and amateur dancers called 11 Dance Project. Song’s work highlights the interaction between the body and life in the city. In 2013, she started her research for the Pung Jeong. Gak (風精.刻) series, a site-specific dance film and performance project to revive the city space. The series has produced a number of film episodes and performances thus far.

Song received the Best Piece Award for the Seoul Dance Film Festival (2017) and Seoul Dance Center Dance Film Academy (2017), as well as the Audience Jury Award in Cinema at the 18th Seoul International New Media Festival (2018).

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