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3M 14S


Passaged Way is a collection of movements that have abstracted through the diagonal axis of Hong Kong Cultural Centre, where the mundane and performance are woven together through repetition and void.

Cast and Credits

Directors, Producers

Elysa Wendi

Azhar Syukor


Roslina Yusof  

Bobbi Chen

Director of Photography


Sound Designer

Azhar Syukor

Elysa Wendi

Lee Man Chun


Director's Statement

A passageway is a void space until someone has passed through.

Director's Biography

Azhar Shukor is a Singaporean director who has had successful screenings at international film festivals in Los Angeles and New York, among other cities. He believes in making films that are simple yet thought provoking, with captivating visuals. Azhar Shukor’s video-art works have also been exhibited internationally in Baltimore (USA) and in the Singapore Art Museum.


Elysa Wendi is a Singaporean dance artist and filmmaker based in Hong Kong. Preoccupied with the abstraction of memory from place, time, and biographical traces, Wendi explores these themes in her live and filmic works. In 2015, Wendi co-founded Cinemovement, a platform that hosts dance film laboratories together with film producer Jeremy Chua. Her short film 1958 Delivery has been lauded for its artful juxtaposition of photography, history, and performative rituals — winning her the Best Experimental Film Award at the 2018 South Taiwan Film Festival. She recently received the Best Documentary Award from Hong Kong ArtHouse Film Festival 2020 for her film, Forgive and Not to Forgive.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala