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4 MIN 48S


Parked documents a one-night, drive-in dance performance by Jacob Jonas The Company in Los Angeles at the height of COVID-19. We hope this film inspires viewers to reimagine how societal restrictions and limitations can be used as a bedrock for creativity.

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Cast and Credits


Ivan Cash

Daniel Addelson


Cash Studios

Jacob Jonas The Company

Jill Wilson


Jerrese Adams

Anthony Bryant

Georgia Bryan
Joy Isabella Brown

James “Jstylz” Blackston

Chandler Davids

Marissa Labog

Miguel Lopez Jorge

Jacob "Kujo" Lyons

Emma Rosenzweig-Bock

Mike Tyus

Angelo "Vo Vera" Sapienza

Santiago Villarreal

Jill Wilson

Diána Worby

Patricia Zhou

Director of Photography

Michael Pescasio


Jacob Jonas


Anibal Sandoval

Director's Statement

Anytime you have constrained experiences especially in the time of a pandemic, a chance to perform and create something is a rich opportunity to practice creativity and find new innovative ways to be inspired.

Director's Biography

Ivan Cash is an award-winning artist, filmmaker, and founder of Cash Studios and IRL Labs. His work celebrates the human spirit, exploring themes of connection and belonging in the 21st century. His conceptually-driven, genre-bending media projects spark meaningful conversation and impact culture.

Cash has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, TIME, The Guardian, Fast Company, Buzzfeed, The Atlantic. In addition, he has received multiple Vimeo Staff Picks and Webby Honorees, and has been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 artist, Adweek Creative 100, an Art Directors Club Young Gun, and a Print New Visual Artist. His work is in the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and has exhibited internationally. Recently, he was inducted into the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, becoming one of 10 members responsible for selecting all USPS postal stamps.

He believes talking to strangers can change the world, but nothing would make him happier than if you closed your eyes for 20 seconds and just listened to your breath.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala