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The FIFTH WALL Competition envisions the future of dance on camera through the lens of the present and the potential it holds.

Dance film is an increasingly recognized category that draws on the physical and spatial aspects inherent to dance, as well as the visual and temporal abilities of film. FIFTH WALL pushes beyond the walls of its station – growing a community and connecting artistry worldwide.


We invite you to join us as we continue to narrate the ever-evolving genre of dance film, putting MOVEMENT IN FOCUS®.

Submissions to the FIFTH WALL Competition are now open.

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AUGUST 18, 2024

11:59PM (GMT+8)

Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information.


The FIFTH WALL Competition is open to entries from all over the world. To be eligible to participate, the dance film must fulfill the following:


  • Dance of any style

  • Narrative and experimental shorts, animations, documentaries, and music videos with dance as the central theme

  • Films must be from 5 to 30 mins in length, including all credits

  • Films must be shot in 16:9 (landscape orientation)

  • Films must have a production date of 2024 or later

What to Deliver – OUT OF COMPETITION

  • Dance of any style

  • Features, animations, documentaries, installations, stereoscopic films, VR films with dance as the central theme

  • No minimum length

  • No format and production date restrictions

Works that will not qualify

  • Trailers or recordings of performances, one-minute films, commercials

  • Entries that have been submitted to previous FIFTH WALL Competitions

  • Films that have been part of out of competition categories at previous editions of FIFTH WALL

Additional Guidelines

  • A non-English film must have English subtitles for a better understanding of the piece.

  • Use of original literary sources, music materials, and film footage must have proper clearance from its respective copyright owners before it can be used in the final film output;

  • Rights to the final film output belong to the filmmaker proponent, but FIFTH WALL reserves the right to screen it for the duration of FIFTH WALL 2024 and selected events after the festival screening (with prior notice to the proponent); 

  • Filmmaker proponent and his/her co-financiers must abide by the FIFTH WALL festival rules, guidelines, deadlines, and contract. In case of violations in the aforementioned terms, FIFTH WALL reserves the right to disqualify the filmmaker/proponent and forfeit the award.

  • By submitting your film, FIFTH WALL is hereby granted the right to utilise any submitted materials, including video and still images for purposes of promotion of the 2023 Festival and for future institutional promotion of FIFTH WALL

  • Once submitted, a film cannot be withdrawn for any reason.


FIFTH WALL awards excellence, experimentation, and innovation in filmmaking, with cash prizes as well as the opportunity to be screened in the festival in October 2024.

All films selected for the competition are eligible for award/s. Award/s to be announced soon.

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Fill out the submission form 

Deadline for submission is on August 18, 2024, 11:59PM (GMT+8).



International entries or submissions with a country of origin outside the Philippines are subject to a fee of USD 20. The nationality of the film will be determined by the production’s country of origin. The location of the majority of the film’s production offices and personnel attributes to this signifier. All fees are nonrefundable.


  • Completed FIFTH WALL Competition submission form 

  • Soft copies of synopsis, director’s profile, and director’s statement

  • Private (unlisted) link to submitted work

  • Payment of USD 20 for international entries

Note: Failure to complete the payment will result in forfeiture of processing of submission. All fees are nonrefundable.

For inquiries, you may contact

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