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Together we investigate what it means to not feel “at home”. Home in every sense of the word — the physical structure, in the body, a community, with certain sensations. Mamahay encompasses what we lack, what causes the discomfort that inhibits these sentiments.

Cast and Credits

Director, Editor


Nikaio Thomashow

Daloy Dance Company:

Buboy Raquitico

Cristina Gimenez

Deborah Lemuel

Chloe Alcid

Jovin Lazaro

Julienne Depatillo

Jomari Cruz


Nikaio Thomashow

Neko Cortez

Director's Statement

This work was made in a collaborative setting, in which the dancers were prompted to carry out their own explorations. Each dancer portrays their own narrative, following their process of understanding what it means to not feel at home. 

Director's Biography

Nikaio Thomashow is a Filipino-American creator and educator originally from the Northern Adirondack region in New York. Nikaio’s specific interest with dance lies within the performance of identity. They graduated from Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences in 2018, with a degree in dance. There, they explored the bounds of how bodies are affected by a person’s history and how this can influence the quality and production of movement. As an instructor, they stress the importance of dancers gaining a diverse stylistic background with a rich understanding of origin. Thomashow also has a deep love for music and creates electro-acoustic compositions to supplement their creative works. 


Thomashow began working with Daloy Dance Company in May, creating Mamahay, teaching classes, and organizing their digital intensive, Ugnayan. They are also pursuing a degree in Business Administration from North Country Community College, with intentions of completing an MBA. Nikaio dreams of opening their own venue that caters to hosting immersive mixed media performances.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala