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3 MIN 33S


Lake of Red, filmed at Sam Black’s Refuge Arts in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, takes place inside a fragmented, boxed space. It is a poetic performance lens for projection, reflection, and resonance of the artist with the viewer and himself. 


Within the short film, Pitts deploys his unique style of choreography, inspired by the Gaga movement language and nightlife, whilst exploring a close dialogue with the lights that occupy (and transform) the space. Pitts orates with lyrical poetry: over-currents dressing this audiovisual work. Lake of Red and its attributes simulate the fluidity of waves and the inability to connect with clear form in a multidimensional flow of eccentricity, passion and vigor.


Cannes Short Film Festival 2020

Cannes, France

Cast and Credits


Creator, Choreographer, Performer


Video Mapping


Itai Zwecker

Shamel Pitts

Jordan Cowan

Mauricio Ceppi

Ricardo Romaneiro

Director's Statement

In 2018, Shamel Pitts invited me to take photos of his new work. The space was an old factory-turned-studio in New York City: in the middle of it was the stage, set up with three viewing angles and several silk screens hung from the ceiling to form a box around the stage.


The lights were turned off, and the projectors turned on. A deep bass tone started playing, and it vibrated through me. Shamel appeared on the stage, and began moving slowly, as noisy patterns and textures were projected erratically on the screens around him. As the photographer, I was privileged with the right to move around the audience and shoot from different angles — each angle telling a different story, with the screens and projections shaping compositions and blocking out different parts of the choreography.


At the end of the performance, I told Shamel that there was no way to do justice with Lake of Red with still images, and I urged him to let me shoot it on video. Shooting Lake of Red was a fascinating and surprising process for me as a director, cameraman and editor. I hope that you will enjoy watching it.

Director's Biography

Itai Zwecker is an Israeli-born director of cinematography, photographer, and video editor. His photography has been featured in The New York Times and DIYdancer. Zwecker is based in Brooklyn and Tel Aviv, where he works shooting film, dance, music, documentary and commercial projects.

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