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Movement in Focus: Dance and Design

 by Clara Cayosa

Clara writes about her creative process in designing the new mark for MOVEMENT IN FOCUS®, while injecting personal anecdotes and reflections on dance and graphic design: the friction, the overlaps, and the challenges of pursuing two parallel disciplines. 


 by Micah Cabral

When eating roots me in the now, my senses awaken, bringing me to a different world where all movement is felt. 

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 by Regina Bautista

To write about the history of dance film in the Philippines is to acknowledge that the exploration of dance and film in the country has been happening long before the whole world became entrenched in a virtual space. To start to write about this history foregrounds the interconnections and cross-currents between dance and film. 


 by Ramon De Veyra

There's a video on Youtube I've seen more than any other. I watch it at least once every two to three months. I've been watching it for over 10 years.

 by Danielle Francisco

502 years ago in the city of Strasbourg, dozens of people danced themselves to death.

Nobody knows why.


 by Isabel Gomez

What is a city but a big stage for anyone to perform on? It's no surprise then that it's been used as a dance setting for many movie scenes. This piece explores and celebrates dance in and around the city as seen in various films.

Caroline Polachek - So Hot You're Hurtin

 by Apa Agbayani

A music video director considers three music videos that use dance to explore the human psyche and offer a physical form for our interior realities. 

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by Jared Jonathan Luna

You are so Delicious, Maria is a film that tackles issues of domestic violence incidents in the Philippines. Developed by John Carlo Nova in Casa San Miguel Philippines, Jared Jonathan Luna pens his narrative as a dancer in the film.

by Patrick Alcedo

Dr. Patrick Alcedo is a director, writer, and producer of six documentary films. His multi-awarded film, Dancing Manilenyos, lenses the lives of notable personalities in the local dance industry, namely Luther Perez, Victor Maguad, Monica Gana, and Gilbert Enfestan. The film tells tales of their experience in the field of ballet amidst Metro Manila’s social realities, as well as of their tenaciousness that is fueled by their love for dancing.