4 MIN 52S


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Five dancers in weightless collapse on a series of endless stairways, where the performing body meets the architecture of culture.


La danza en 1 minuto 2019

Torino, Italy

Cast and Credits

Director, Editor


Chan Sze-Wei

Mayan Patel

Lucy Wild

Claudia Errico

Jenny Haycocks

Chan Sze-Wei


Sound Design

Courtesy of

Ralph Bosch

Ferenc Pap

Panos Chountoulidis

Director's Statement

For no particular reason, I used to make a hobby of sliding down staircases in cultural institutions around the world. When I came to make my first dance film, I realized that those staircases could address my frustration that cultural institutions seem to restrict the material and conceptual space available for artistic practice. I was fortunate that ironically, major cultural spaces in London turned out to be very welcoming to student filming.

Director's Biography

Sze is a Singaporean dance maker, filmmaker, and sometimes troublemaker. Her practice for the stage and screen is focused on perception, sensation and the knowledge of the human body, coupled with an interest in the politics of the body. 


Since 2015, her dance films have screened in the official selections of Screendance Scotland, the London International Screendance Festival, Danca em Foco (Rio de Janeiro), Tiny Dance Film Festival (San Francisco), Greensboro Dance Film Festival (North Carolina), and as a semi-finalist for La Danza en 1 Minuto (Torino) in 2019. Her live work has shown in Asia and Europe.


When not creating, Sze is a mother, an advocate for dancers’ rights, and an arts journalist on Oddpuppy.

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