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An arbitrary, fallacious, interpretation of someone's words or actions. Fraintendimenti (Misunderstandings) is the investigation of the extended meaning of the word "phantasmagoria", a series of unfounded assumptions that strike exaggeratedly at the imagination.

Our communication with others is also built on incommunicability and misunderstanding. The film moves on this invisible but tangible thin chord: the sense of confusion of bodies and minds. Here, the movements of bodies investigate the most personal level of misunderstanding, of the moment in which one is no longer in phase with the surrounding world; when there is a phase shift in our intimacy, where several parts, rational and irrational, coexist. 

In non-communicability, there is a superposition of points of view, a space-time overlap in reading the same event that in each of us creates this confused feeling towards the other: being near or far, to not disappear?


Cinematica Festival 2020

Ancona, Italy

Cast and Credits





Courtesy of 

Alexandre Manuel

Jimmie Santoni

Elisa Carletti

Federica Squadroni

Motus Project

“Divided In Your Point Of You” by And The Bear 

Director's Statement

I have always been fascinated by the work that dancers do on their own bodies, creating new spaces, dimensions and drama. Before writing the screenplay, we worked directly with the dancers. Every thought was movement, and every movement was an experiment with sounds and feelings to explore. The transversality of the art of dance has allowed us to express our concept without any constraint.

This short will always be special to me because of the intimate work shared between myself and an amazing crew.

Director's Biography

Alexandre Manuel (And The Bear) is a French multi-instrumentalist who has composed soundtracks for short film and theater. His album entitled This Is The Darkness I Used To Tape, will be released with Valvolare Records at the end of 2020. 


In 2018, he wrote the screenplay and music of the short film The Guide Swap, which won the Cineconcerto 2018 and went on to be screened at Castelbellino Arte 2019 and Tokyo Film Festival 2019. With Teatrique, he staged the multimedia show Motors of Paper for Il Teatro Cocuje. In 2019, he collaborated with the director Federica Biondi and the English-Italian dancer Helen Cerina for his first music video entitled, Are You in Time Out there?


In 2020, his video-dance Misunderstandings won the special public prize at the Cinematica festival.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala