Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "fifth wall"?

The "fifth wall" is the imaginary barrier that guests pass once they exit a venue after a cultural experience, to return to their everyday lives. With our namesake in mind, FIFTH WALL FEST revolves around the idea of "breaking the fifth wall" in the hopes of reaching out to our audience, patrons, and friends.

What does FIFTH WALL FEST include?

Apart from screening films, FIFTH WALL FEST will also provide a space for facilitating discussions, workshops, and events for both local and international audiences, allowing us to cross borders through our platform.

Who is your target audience?

FIFTH WALL FEST caters to both old and new audiences of the dance film genre. We welcome anyone interested in (but not limited to) dance, cinema, contemporary art, fashion, music, and design to participate in our celebration.

How can the viewers extend their help? Where will the donations go?

As we continue to build and sustain this platform for the dance film community, we fully intend to put up programs that would require support.

More information on how to help FIFTH WALL FEST and its initiatives through