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3 MIN 16S


Lolo Groovy takes a walk down the wild side of his friendly provincial neighborhood. Encounters with random village characters lead Lolo Groovy into a wild chase around the block as emotions flare and temperatures rise. A satire of life during a pandemic.

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Cast and Credits

Director, Editor

Paolo Garcia


Pedro Lachica

Bea Lesaca

Angela Garcia

Tom Radam

Mark Estrellado

Juan De la Rosa

Ralph Arago

Isabel Garcia

Monica Llamas Garcia

Andrew Garcia

Benjie Tech

Alvin Cornista

Eldon Perez


Monn Quizon

Director's Statement

Don't Touch Me is a great example of guerilla style filmmaking: with a small, tight-knit crew, a colorful cast, and minimal pageantry. Based on 1970s Filipino aesthetics, we tried to keep things accurate in terms of the music and style choices.

Director's Biography

Pasta Groove, aka Paolo Garcia is a music producer, director, editor and vinyl junkie from Manila. As a practitioner of the art of sample-based music, archetypes get broken down and reconstructed, giving these musical pieces new life through modern technology in a way that is palatable to today's youth. He has performed for numerous festivals, art exhibits and special events. Notable performances include opening DJ sets for DJ Krush, Daedelus, Free the Robots, etc., as well as audio/visual performances for the University of the Philippines, The Japan Foundation and many others.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala