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Dance Cuba: Dreams of Flight begins with the historic coming together of American and Cuban dance companies in Havana. The heart and soul of the film rests in the human stories that revolve around the unity of the two.


Amid the love and conflicted passions that mark the difficult journey of identity for individuals and nations, the film tells personal stories of exile and return, loss and redemption, tradition and change. It intertwines riveting tales that are as powerful in romance, tragedy, and drama as the great ballets performed.

Cast and Credits




Cynthia Newport

Cynthia Newport

Judith Aidoo

Carlos Acosta

Alicia Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Lorna Feijoo

Septime Webre

Trey McIntyre  

Laura Urgellés

Viengsay Valdes

Directors of Photography

Roberto Chile
Tom Hurwitz
Don Lenzer

Original Music Composer and Performer

Chucho Valdés

Director's Statement

Light, its magic, and all its manifestations was always on my mind in creating Dance Cuba. The sensual reality of the golden liquid glow in Havana touched a place in my heart and soul: not an intellectual place but rather, a place of spirit. We have the metaphysical, symbolic meaning of light: wisdom, insight, as well as irony (Alicia is blind); and lastly, guidance, as the lighthouse at the entrance to the Havana Harbor provides guidance through the dark.


Light is an essential element of theater: it darkens and lights up the stage, creating magic that transports the audience. Conversely, light is the alchemy that gives life to film, allowing a dance performance — despite its fleeting nature — to last through time. Film allows the journey of an individual to inspire and instruct across time and space. 

Director's Biography

Cynthia Newport is a filmmaker who develops nonfiction works of enduring relevance and emotional power. As founder of Illume Productions, Inc., she originates, produces, and directs cinematic feature documentaries with a distinctive narrative feel. Character-driven and prospective, her works unfold in significant historic, social, and cultural contexts accompanied by innovative outreach initiatives. In her work, the worlds of the performing arts and artists consistently serve as a lens into universal human issues including the individual’s search for identity and life’s meaning.

Effectively merging the arts of dance and film was a focus throughout development of Dance Cuba. Some 400 individuals were involved in the creation of the film, a process running for more than a decade. The project includes a trove of additional footage now part of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts Lincoln Center.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala