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4 MIN 14S


A dance interpretation of the life cycles of insects. An infinite process of a creature’s birth in silent timelessness. An organism in a vibrating microcosm, transforming on the background of inorganic matter. Camera, focused on an eternal action which can be barely perceived.


RAGFF New York City

New York, USA


Dance Film Festival Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Cast and Credits

Director, Choreographer,



Costume Designer

Production Manager

Sound Designer

Veronika Vaculíková

Jan Chajewski

Petra Miškejová

Anna Zatkalíková

Vojtěch Zavadil

Director's Statement

I have always been fascinated with the life of insects. They inhabit a microworld that is not usually visible; and yet if we stop and observe closely, this world becomes huge, diverse and extremely colorful. This world is full of life, vibrations, strange movements and transformations — it is a dance in itself.

Cycles used the specific environment of a technical library and put a body there, its movements inspired by this dance of insects and microorganisms. We filmed it during a regular library day, and yet no one cared or noticed that something strange was happening: a metaphor of the relationship between the macro world and the micro world.

Making this film was quite challenging because apart from the movements and location, everything else was improvised. In order to best capture the expression of each discrete movement, it was decided that no part of the film should run at normal time. We used time lapse, high speed and slow motion. My goal, which I hope this film achieves, is to draw the viewer into an alternate world by using strong visual language.

Director's Biography

Veronika Vaculíková graduated from the Department of Nonverbal Theater at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She has been studying at the Studio Magenia École Ella Jaroszewicz in Paris and has attended many workshops focused on dance, physical theater, and film with Sumako Koseki, Sabine Seume, Derevo, David Hinton, Marlene Millar, and Philip Szporer, to name a few. Her artwork is mostly authorial and based on movements, gestures, and strong body expression. "Cycles" is her first experience in filmmaking.

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