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In a society of extreme distortion, people unknowingly live like ants. Sunlight may not be inevitable, while the rain may bring more clarity to the mind and body. The ant is getting more used to being abused, and comes to enjoy it as the rain and snow brings more vitality to them. Faced with the possibility of death, it finds resolution in walking through the path with courage and wisdom.

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Justyne Li

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West Kowloon Cultural District

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Director's Statement

Come Rain or Shine was derived from Division of Space, a study that was initiated during a Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Finland residency in December 2016. During this residency, I observed the Finnish winter and compared it to Hong Kong in terms of spatial characteristics, climate, and culture. This eventually led to the production of a 12-minute dance video, “Come Rain or Shine” in 2019.

Half of the film’s setting was in Central, Hong Kong. Its position as a financial center alludes to an extremely efficient and rational workaholic, apart from its verticality and the way spaces are divided; a labyrinth where signals and messages are actively and passively radiated and received. Conversely, the filming in Finland was done during the winter with countless awe-inspiring trees towering in the ice and snow. Trees, skyscrapers, and high walls may share the common characteristic of lines of upward development. However, in trees the verticality is an inabsolute straightness, suggesting the vitality of organisms, and their desire to contribute to and be influenced by nature.

I have chosen the element of water to connect the scenes of Hong Kong and Finland. In Hong Kong, rain hits the oppressive verticality of the labyrinth. Human beings within are willing or even yearning to accept the challenge. Sometimes even expecting more severe situations, where rain turns into snow and ice — forcing them to resist with a natural aggressiveness.

Director's Biography

Li graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, School of Dance, Ballet and Modern Dance Stream. She is a former member of the Hong Kong Ballet and Tanz Graz (Austria), and was a soloist with Ballet Bremerhaven (Germany). Li established Neo Dance HK with Wong Tan Ki in 2010 and is currently working as an independent dancer and choreographer.

Her recent choreographies and projects include Come Rain or Shine (Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2019), The Shift (The 4th Hong Kong International Choreography Festival), Division (CDE Springboard 2017, Yokohama Dance Collection 2019, M1 Contact Festival 2019), and Creative Meeting Point: Hong Kong x Finland (West Kowloon Cultural District/Zodiak/Dance Info Finland), to name a few.

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