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15 MIN


AKA stages butoh dancer Sachiko Ishikawa in a red, organic universe. The body explores the different states experienced during a depression through an intimate dialogue with the camera, enabling the inexpressible to express itself.

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Tirana International Film Festival 2020

Tirana, Albania

Cast and Credits


Dorothée Murail


Azadi Productions, supported by Region Ile-de-France


Sachiko Ishikawa

Director of Photography

Quentin Devillers


Léandre Vaucher

Director's Statement

A few years ago, caught up in a time without tomorrow, I went away and gradually stripped off my identity until I was no longer in the world. Gaining height, I saw myself cloistered in my room in the dark. Like an architect, I started to create this red box in which a being is confronted with himself. These mentally constructed images allowed me to format and color what was happening to me and little by little, to better understand the different symptoms of depression.

Director's Biography

After training photography at La Cambre in Brussels and then at the Gobelins School in Paris, Dorothée Murail began to get a large number of photographic projects that appeared in the international press (Vogue US, Harper’s Bazaar) and independent magazines (Boycott). 


Fashion photography allows her to express a certain artistic freedom and playing with identities, through mythical universes. In 2015, she followed her desire to capture a moving subject and made her first video for the American magazine Flaunt in collaboration with the artist Stromae. Soon after, she created a duo with Romain Leblanc, R&D, to direct clips of several Warner label artists like BBBrunes or emerging artists like Blondino. These experiences with video reinforced her idea of using this medium to realize a personal project, AKA, made in accompaniment with Azadi Productions. AKA was supported by the Fonds pour les Talents Émergents of Île-de-France region in 2019. She has decided to move to Tokyo at the beginning of 2020 and work to imagine an immersive installation to present the film in different artistic venues.

Elaine Forsgate Marden

Fernando &  Kit Zobel de Ayala