World Ballet Day

FIFTH WALL FEST joins the annual celebration of World Ballet Day by way of this collection, an ode to the beauty of ballet and its impact on the world — both in and out of dance. A diverse selection of work created across different countries, these titles are a testament to the genre’s illustrious history and its portrayal from a contemporary perspective.

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Jessica Wright • Morgann Runacre-Temple

United Kingdom


Do you want to live happily ever after? Find the shoe, outplay your opponents, and beat the clock to claim the prize!

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Jessica Wright • Morgann Runacre-Temple

United Kingdom


A young man checks into a bespoke institution, hoping to be cured of his inability to stop dancing.

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Cynthia Newport

Soaring tales of those brave enough to take flight across divides to connect with others and discover the soul within.

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Patrick Alcedo


On and off stage, ballet could teach them to survive.


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Rafael Froilan, Jr.



Fatigue, societal pressure, and misconceptions abound in a dancer's life. What makes it worth it?

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Yuh Egami • Hu Song Wei Ricky

Hong Kong


A ballet questions a human's origins and reviews our relationship with nature.

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Jessica Wright • Morgann Runacre-Temple

Scottish Ballet finds themselves in an abstract dining room for their largest film yet.

United Kingdom